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Global Traffic Network
Global Traffic Network Inc provides customised traffic reports to affiliated radio and TV stations across Australia and Canada in exchange for commercial airtime inventory. It is in the process of launching these services in Europe. Global Traffic Network’s experienced reporters broadcast comprehensive and accurate reports to provide stations with a turn-key traffic service. This is done by using a fleet of helicopters which add to information gathered from thousands of sensors, cameras and other information sources on the ground. Global Traffic Network radio affiliates therefore no longer have the cost of running their own traffic news operations, yet receive an enhanced, premium-quality service, over which they still retain ultimate editorial control.
Global Traffic Network’s European Managing Director, Paul Hutton welcomes his company’s sponsorship of the European Radio Awards: “As a company planning to launch outstanding services to great radio stations across the continent, we are proud to be so closely associated with the European Radio Awards’ acknowledgement of the best in radio. Global Traffic Network is all about making traffic information sound exciting and interesting on the radio and working with an organisation which recognises exciting and interesting radio is a perfect fit for us”.

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RCS is the world’s leading provider of broadcast software. The company has also developed real-time audio recognition technology and creates strategic audio programming content for Internet and corporate sites.
RCS was founded in 1979 by Dr. Andrew Economos to develop programming software for the radio industry.
The Selector® music scheduling system is the industry standard, and is used by more than 85% of radio stations worldwide. Selector helps broadcast music programmers make their song rotations consistent and balanced. Based on programming strategies created by each station, Selector provides an on-air play list complete with reports and analysis capabilities for any format and any size music library, very small to very large.
Selector was the first of its kind and revolutionized song management at thousands of stations, and remains today the industry standard and most popular radio software in the world.
Specializing in audio software products, RCS continues to expand and develop products for radio broadcast and television applications, as well as audio products for the Internet.
RCS Worldwide provides 24/7 support and assistance to all users of its products.

StreamTheWorld. Taking it to the people.
Content delivery on the Internet is undergoing a revolution. In the battle for the dominant delivery system for media consumers, streamed media has emerged as the preferred method for accessing content. Websites such as YouTube® and MySpace® attract millions of visitors that stream audio and video every day. More importantly, advertisers are also investing heavily in streamed media. This offers radio and television networks an additional source of revenue from their streamed content, and hence acts as an incentive for them to offer their content online.
StreamTheWorld is a media streaming technology and services company that was created in 2005 and is experiencing rapid growth. We offer solutions for streaming video and audio content, and currently employ 45 people in our Montréal offices, including our experienced salespeople that represent key markets in North America, Latin America and Europe. We are proud to have several large media clients among our clientele. We also stream clients in over 24 countries.
StreamTheWorld is the easiest and most logical online streaming option for both visitors and content providers. Our growing lineup of customizable products and services are being used by the world's leading broadcasters.
Your audience does not have to install, configure or update any software to gain access to your feed. At StreamTheWorld, we make streaming easy and convenient for all. That's the way streaming was always intended to be: we just make it happen!

Broadcast Architecture
Broadcast Architecture was designed and built upon the cornerstone of unparalleled client service. We work in close partnership with you and your audience in the same way an architect works with a property owner and construction team to build a state-of-the-art structure on a rock solid foundation.
By utilizing the tools of accurately obtained and interpreted research, and effective, result-oriented consultation, BA harmoniously blends art and science to provide you with the blueprint for superior programming, improved ratings and increased revenues.
In order to conceptualize, design and build a superior structure, creative artisans and skilled craftsman must work together using the finest available materials. These are the same principles we employ to distinguish ourselves in the industry and optimize your market success.
By taking no short cuts when it comes to identifying your listener’s feedback, emotions and passions, BA has designed, and stringently adheres to the industry’s most advanced data collection methodologies. That data is then carefully analyzed and transformed into an understandable, action-oriented plan that is custom-designed to deliver successful results.
BA’s reputation has been built on not just telling stations what to do to achieve success, but closely working with them to see that success is in fact achieved. Partnering with some of the world’s most renowned broadcasters, BA has designed successful programming strategies in 23 countries on 5 continents.

JonesTM, Inc. creates, produces and distributes music-based products and services for broadcast media use. JonesTM's clients include radio and television stations, satellite and Internet networks, websites, the Armed Forces Radio Network, and numerous advertising agencies and commercial businesses.
JonesTM's products are broadcast on every continent on Earth. Company product lines include music compilation libraries and services, production music, commercial jingles, radio and TV station imaging packages, morning show prep, and comedy services, along with numerous on-line imaging products.
JonesTM's world headquarters in Dallas houses a state-of-the-art recording facility, housing numerous composing, recording, mixing and post-production studios.
In the early '90s, TM Communications, Inc. and Century 21 Programming, Inc. merged to form TM Century, Inc. In 2006, TM Century was acquired by Jones Media Group®, Ltd. (JMG) and became JonesTM, Inc.
JMG owns and operates a leading independent radio network business. JMG syndicates radio programming and services to approximately 5,700 radio stations throughout the United States and reaches about 1.6 billion weekly listener gross impressions, based on data provided by Arbitron and RADAR.
If you plan to visit Dallas and would like to arrange for a tour, drop us a line. Our email address is or we would love to meet you at our next convention. Click here for convention dates and locations.

RadioToday is the only daily updated website dedicated solely to the UK radio industry.
Our content is based around UK radio industry news, concentrating on mergers, bidders, appointments and people. We have sub-sections on digital radio, community radio, hospital radio, satellite radio, international radio, podcasting and RAJAR. Our news is updated around the clock. Our philosophy is simple - to publish news as soon as it is available whilst respecting embargo's and confidential information. Our news can be accessed in a number of ways, either by the website or RSS feeds. We also provide breaking news alerts for major stories via SMS text message (UK only) and email.
In addition to news, we feature lists of every radio station to win a licence from regulator Ofcom. These can be found in the features menu along with our industry podcast. Plus our events dairy keeps industry people informed of important dates in the radio calendar.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for the European Radio Awards 2008 - Please contact us for full details.


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