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Entries may be made by the following: Any legally owned and/or operated radio station licensed by the radio regularity authority or broadcast governing body of the country operating within.
• Entries for the European Radio Awards 2008 must have been broadcast on FM, AM, digital terrestrial, satellite or cable, streamed or made available for download between 1st August 2007 and 12th August 2008.
• In the case of Satellite or Cable stations, Independent Production Companies and/or Producers, you must provide proof of transmission with your entry.
• Individuals may also enter providing the station manager (or similar authority) verifies your entry.


• The deadline for all entries is 27th September 2008. No entries shall be accepted after this point.


• You may enter the same entry in more than one category; however, each entry will be charged a separate entry fee.


• An individual entry form must be completed for each entry.
Please enter your information for carefully - changes cannot be made to entries once the online form has been submitted and the checkout completed.
• After completing each entry you must proceed to checkout before starting to submit another entry.
• To avoid errors, you are advised to download the ‘How To Enter’ pdf document and study first, before completing your entry online.
• A printable record of your entries will be automatically generated at checkout. This record will include an invoice for the amount paid.


We’re after you’re best work from throughout the year! If you think of your entry as a showreel or demo – then you’ll be on the right lines!
So, dig out all the best excerpts, clips and moments from the past year and compile them together for us!
It’s a bit ‘far out’ compared to what’s normally required for other awards and for that reason some of the rules might be a little different, so please read the following carefully:

• Your entry, whether a single continuous broadcast or a compilation of unedited excerpts, must be ‘as-aired’, save for the editing out of ad breaks and/or telescoping of music tracks.
• You may edit material for time purposes but not ‘doctor’ material i.e. you’re not allowed to edit an interview to make it more interesting or eliminate mistakes.
• You may ‘telescope’ in and out of music tracks, however, you must maintain the original sequence and 'flavour' of the programme from which the excerpt is taken.
• You may also ‘telescope’ in and out of information segments i.e. news, traffic and weather - except of course for those categories where information segments form integral parts of the subject matter! But you must maintain the original sequence and ‘flavour’ of the programme from which the excerpt is taken.
• Individual programmes or programme excerpts may be disqualified if ‘doctoring’ of material is suspected by the judges, with the exception of telescoping of ad breaks, information and/or music. And remember, the judges are no dummies – they’ve been in the industry for years!
• Audio material must be a maximum of 20 minutes in duration. Check the categories and entry criteria for the required duration for each award.
• Audio entries that exceed the specified durations will be ‘bounced back’ and you will be notified of the error.
• A simple running order must be completed for each audio entry in the space provided on the online entry form.
• All audio material must be uploaded via the online entry form.
All audio uploads must be in mp3 format only – stereo or mono, no more than 44.1 KhZ/16 bits/160 kbps.
• Podcasts must contain a valid RSS 2.0 feed.
• Internet radio station entries must include a valid URL.


• Entries are welcome in any language from countries within the European Union, however, all written material submitted must be in English.
• If your entry is Non-English, you are advised to provide a translation of your entry and any supporting material, along with a brief synopsis, in English, in the space provided on the web site.
• Translations are not essential but will help the judges mark your entry.


• A fee of Euro 100 shall be charged for each entry to the European Radio Awards, with the exception of those awards listed below.
• Once an entry is submitted no refunds will be made.
• An invoice for each entries will be automatically generated at checkout.

The following awards are free to enter:
• Radio Station Website of the year.
• The Environment Award.
• The Community Award.


• Payment for entries should be made by credit card only via the online payment gateway.
• We accept most major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
• Payment includes all fees and VAT charges.
• A receipt is generated at checkout.

PLEASE NOTE: No refunds shall be made under any circumstances.


• Entries for the ERA’s are judged by a panel of radio experts from stations and organizations throughout Europe.
• Judges have been selected on the basis of their relevant experience and expertise.
• Judges are required to judge each entry in its entirety.
• Judging will be based solely on the entry submitted, in an independent and objective manner and NOT on programmes aired throughout the year.
• Judging is marked across all entries on the following criteria and scored on a sliding scale from 1 – 5.

  • Originality
  • Production
  • Presentation
  • Effectiveness
  • I Like What I Hear
  • Overall

• All entries are judged independently. No judge shall be able to see another judges scoring.
• Results are tabulated in real time allowing administrators to monitor the progress of all entrants in all categories.
• A pre-determined number of judges will be assigned to each category. As entries are submitted, the country of origin is monitored by the administrators and where necessary, additional judges assigned, matching the language of the entry.
• Judging will commence once each category has a least five (5) submitted entries.



• Three (3) entries in each category will be nominated for each award.
• Nominations will be announced via the website, through subscriber emails and media outlets in October 2008.


• Trophies will be awarded to the winner of each category.
• The trophy will contain the category, the winners name and company details.
• The 2nd and 3rd place runners up will each receive a certificate.


• The decision of the judges is final and no further correspondence will be entered into.
• A category will not be judged if insufficient entries are received.
• The ERA, it’s sponsors, organizing committee and judging panel shall not be held accountable for the failure of any judge or judges to follow the judging instructions issued to them.
• Any 'ties' shall be decided by the casting vote of the Chairperson of the ERA judging panel.
• The ERA and it’s organizing committee may, at its sole discretion, decide to use any entry or entries in the public domain, (broadcasting for example), for the purpose of promoting the European Radio Awards. Entrants agree to the use of their entries - or any part of them - for this purpose and waive any claim they may have to any remuneration whatsoever.



The European Radio Awards (ERA) intends to make an audio-visual recording of the awards ceremony, including all entries showcased on the night and all winners. That audio-visual recording may be used or otherwise communicated to the public by the ERA either immediately or at a later date.

Without limitation, ERA may make and distribute a DVD recording of the awards ceremony or upload the recording onto it’s website and enable access to that recording.

By making an Entry or Entries into the European Radio Awards, you acknowledge that ERA and it’s organizers, Talkabout Media Productions Ltd, and its Official Partner, National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) has the right to include any materiel supplied by you (including audio or audio visual content) in such a recording and to use that recording as described above.

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