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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the entry deadline?
All entries MUST be submitted by Midnight (GMT), September 28th 2008. No entries will be accepted after this. Please do not try and enter after this time as your entry will not be processed but you may still be charged.
How do I enter
It’s easy! We’ve done away with complicated paper entries to be filled in triplicate. All you have to do is click on the ‘entry form’ button on the website and enter online.
How do I submit audio with my entry?
Easy! Simply visit the website and follow the instructions for uploading your audio files.
Can I submit a ‘paper’ entry or audio on CD?
No! Paper entries take time to write. CD’s take too long to burn. Both are expensive to post! We wanted an easy way for you to enter – either from the comfort of your desk or studio and in a way that wouldn’t take too long!
Why are the audio samples restricted to a maximum of 10 or 20 minutes?
Because both entry and judging for the awards is managed on-line. We don’t want you to wait hours and waste money while your entry uploads. Similarly the judges need to access your entry quickly and so audio samples must be kept to a manageable duration. If you’re wondering if 20 minutes is too short, don’t worry. We do allow editing of audio – but no doctoring. This means include only your best stuff but don’t edit out mistakes or errors. And remember it’s the same for everyone and our judges have been doing this for years!
What are the time guidelines for audio entries?
Simple. The material featured in your entry must have been broadcast on terrestrial, cable or Internet radio between 1st August 2007 and 12th August, 2008.
Am I allowed to ‘edit’ my entry?
Yes, you may edit your entry for time purposes only but not ‘doctor’ material i.e. you’re not allowed to edit an interview to make it more interesting or eliminate mistakes. Think of your entry as a compilation of excerpts of your best work. You can compile the excerpts together but you may not edit them individually. This is ‘doctoring’ for which your entry will be disqualified.
My show runs for 2 hours. I want to enter several different extracts from one show linked together by the original presenter. Is this OK?
No. Adding presenter links post-broadcast is ‘doctoring’ and will disqualify your entry. However, what you can do is compile your extracts from one or many shows. Similarly, you can only edit out ad breaks and, where permitted, music tracks and information segments.
Can I cut out ‘information’ segments i.e. news, traffic, weather?
Yes! In all categories - except of course for those categories where information segments form integral parts of the subject matter. You must 'intro' and 'outro' all information segments being edited out and you must maintain the sequence and 'flavour' of the programme.
Can I enter more than one Promo or radio commercial?
Yes you can. In fact you can enter as many as you like! However, each entry must be completed separately.
I’m a freelancer. I do shows for different radio stations. Can I still enter?
Yes, why not? As long as the material was aired within the dates set out in our Rules & Reg’s section. All you need to do is to get each of the relevant station managers (or similar authority) to verify your entries and away you go!
My radio station will not pay for my entry!
Tell is where you are and we’ll send the boys around! Just kidding! Can’t really help you much here! You can, of course, still enter. Simply get your station manager (or similar authority) to verify your entry and you’re in with a chance of winning!
I’m having problems with the online payment. What can I do?
If you experience any problems with this site including payment, please contact us. Although the European Radio Awards are web based, there are one or two ‘real’ people who can help you out.
The entry forms seem quite simple. Is there enough for me to present all the information?
There is! We wanted to make the European Radio Awards simple to enter while remaining as comprehensive as possible. Each entry form is designed to obtain the maximum information without being too time consuming. However, just in case, there is also a section for submitting extra information.
There’s a lot of categories! Is there something in there for me?
We hope so! A lot of thought has gone into the categories. Along with the staple awards you might expect to see elsewhere, there are also a few new ones! Naturally, we don’t expect you to enter all the awards but we certainly hope there is something for everybody.
What's the point in a small low budget station entering when we’ll be competing against stations with large resources?
Because you really can win! Judges will recognize outstanding radio irrespective of the resources placed behind any given entry. Remember, the judges are required to judge each submission solely on the entry submitted, in an independent and objective manner and NOT on the programmes aired throughout the year.
How will my entry be judged?
Don’t worry. You’re in good hands! We’ve assembled a top-notch group of radio professionals, all experts in their field of broadcasting, to judge your entries. Between them they span the length and breadth of the European Union, so no matter what language your entry, we’ve got it covered.
Can I attend the awards ceremony?
We’d be really bummed if you didn’t! Make sure you’re there to collect your award! Details of the awards ceremony can be found on the website. It won’t be the Oscars but it will be FUN!
If I win, can I get a duplicate trophy?
Yes you can. But there’s an extra fee for duplicates. Each category winner will get a trophy and the runners up receive certificates.
I have a suggestion for you – can I submit it?
Yes! We’re always receptive to feedback, good or bad! Just go to the ‘contact’ section of this website and get in touch!
I have another question, which isn’t covered here – can you answer it?
Yes. Just click on our ‘contact’ page and submit your query. We’ll respond within 24 hours.
What is the 'Sell Your Entry' part in Entry form?
This is a text box for you to provide written material to back up your entry. On many categories you can also upload word, PDF and Jpg files - again to provide the judges with extra evidence as to why you should win!
Can I download and print off documents relating to the awards?
Yes, there are several PDF files available to download from the home page. Print them off and take them to the bosses office right away!
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