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Station of the year

European Radio Station of the Year (TSA of less than 300,000)

The station of the year award showcases the best radio station(s) in Europe. You may also include extra information that will ‘sell’ your entry and upload press cuttings and releases.

Entries should consist of a compilation of extracts from a range of broadcasts You may edit material for time purposes but not ‘doctor’ material i.e. you are not allowed to edit out mistakes. Extracts must be ‘as-aired’, save for the editing out of ad breaks and/or telescoping of music tracks. Please provide a brief ‘running order’ or ‘track listing’ with all submitted audio.

Entries must also be accompanied by a station resume of no more than 1,000 words, completed online, which includes the following:
* Highlights and achievements during 2006.
* The station’s aims, objectives and programming policy.
* Major programming, promotional, charity and community ventures during the year.
* Any programming of which you are particularly proud.
* Any other station programming/initiatives not covered above.
* Audience involvement and promotion: how the station reaches and serves its audience.
* Special considerations or hurdles encountered in fulfilling remit (e.g. niche market, slender resources, rural audience dispersed over wide area, multiracial audience), and how these were tackled; major events (e.g. local disaster, local team at FA cup final), major schedule/name changes and new competitors.
* A weekly schedule with comprehensive programme details (on which any programming shared with other services should be declared).

Total duration of submitted audio should not exceed 20 minutes.

All audio must be mp3 format only. Stereo/mono, no more than 44.1 KhZ/16 bits/160 kbps

Entry fee for this award is €100.00 (Euros)

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